August 10, 2015
Here are some places in Boulder to get the best cup of coffee.

Here are some places in Boulder to get the best cup of coffee.

If you’re a culinary student in Boulder, Colorado, then you’ve spent many a late night studying and perfecting recipes and probably wondered how you are going to get up in the morning for school or work. Luckily, Boulder has some of the best cafes to get your-much needed caffeine fix. If you’re looking to grab some coffee on the go or sit down and enjoy yourself, be sure to check out these amazing cafes in Boulder:

Ozo Coffee Pearl
When it comes to coffee, this joint is not messing around. Ozo opened back in 2007 and has a passion for uniting a community, in addition to providing you with a great cup of coffee. Ozo is known for its staff, who embody the best barista traits: friendly, knowledgeable and speedy. Here you’ll find arguably one of the best espressos in town. In addition, the shop has plenty of seating and outlets for your electronics if you’re looking to kick back and get some work done. But if you’re in a hurry, don’t fret, the capable crew will get your drink ready fast so you can be on your way.

Amante Coffee
This shop brings a true Italian roast to Boulder. Amante curates a fine coffee blend with beans imported from the city of Bra in northern Italy. This coffee is roasted by the famous Ghigo family. The Ghigos have provided the best blend of the world’s finest coffee beans for almost a century. There are two other Amante establishments in Boulder shops, one on Broadway and one on Walnut Street. The one in Uptown is known as cyclist haven. It caters to the sports crew by generating crowds to watch popular sport events like the Boston Marathon or the World Cup.

The Baseline Street cafe is the newest addition to the Amante family. Fan favorites are the cappuccinos and hearty breakfast calzones – so you are armed with whatever you need to start your day off right. It also has a full liquor bar where you can end your evening. Here, Amante offers delicious Italian wines, coffee-based martinis, Moretti beers and other top-shelf drinks. After a full day of learning, you can wind down at the same place that allowed you to take on the day.

The Laughing Goat Coffehouse
This establishment offers more than just an incredible cup of coffee. The Laughing Goat Coffehouse is a home for all artistic expressions including poetry, music and art. It has monthly gallery showings and nightly performances, making sure Boulder gets a taste of the arts in addition to an amazing beverage. The Laughing Goat features fair trade, organically grown coffee from the Kaladi Brothers of Denver. The place is spacious, optimal for study groups or meetings. After 4 p.m. it’s happy hour, when the shop serves a great selection of beer and wine. With baristas who not only care about getting your drink right, but also knowing who you are, this place is extremely welcoming. The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse puts an emphasis on bringing a community together and fostering friendships while doing so.