May 25, 2016

Good news, students and grads! Escoffier Schools recently partnered with Chef’s Roll, the industry’s leading professional chef network. Think the Linkedin of the culinary arts world.

You can create a profile, browse the job board, connect with chefs or industry professionals and more. Best yet? You will receive a complimentary premium profile for four years starting from when you sign up! This is a great way to get your name out there and build your future in the culinary arts.

Create Your Chef’s Roll Profile

Chef's Roll partners with Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

Get the opportunity to be featured on Chef’s Roll Instagram feed by submitting pictures of your dishes via [email protected]

About Chef’s Roll 

Chef's Roll teams up with Escoffier Schools

“Presentation is everything.”

Chef’s Roll is a global culinary community of professional chefs (culinary student to Michelin-starred), food authors, broadcasters, photographers and other industry professionals. We provide our members with opportunities to gain worldwide exposure and fulfill their career goals. “Presentation is everything” is just as true for your online professional identity as it is at the table. At Chef’s Roll, professionals like you can showcase your talent, career achievements and work experience in a well-designed and easily-expandable profile.