July 21, 2014

Spruce Farm & Fish opens in The Hotel BoulderadoSince it first opened over a century ago on New Year’s Day in 1909, the Hotel Boulderado has seen a chain of restaurants operate inside its walls. For nearly the last two decades, Q’s Restaurant has been run in the desirable Downtown Boulder space. Recently, however, the established restaurant has closed it’s doors in anticipation of a new project, set to open in the Hotel Boulderado in early August.

Renovations are currently underway in the hotel to prepare for the opening of Spruce Farm & Fish, which will offer a very different cuisine than Q’s traditional American fare. Focusing on locally sourced ingredients and fresh seafood, Spruce Farm & Fish’s renovation includes the addition of an oyster bar to the restaurant that is expected to draw the attention of everyone from amateur chef to Boulder culinary school program enrollees.

Dave Query, a member of Big Red F Restaurant Group, a Boulder-based consortium of restaurant owners and managers, first started Q’s Restaurant nearly 20 years ago. He initially leased space directly from the hotel, though he transferred management and leasing responsibilities to other members of the restaurant’s leadership over its lifespan. At the expiration of the most recent lease, the Hotel Boulderado decided to take control of the space and run the restaurant internally.

Clark Davis, director of sales and marketing for the Boulderado, expressed his fondness for Q’s while still making clear his excitement for this new project.

“It’s been a great run with Q’s, but we wanted to put a little effort into making the kitchen work more efficiently,” Davis told the Boulder County Business Review.

Q’s employed about 25 people, who will remain on staff for the opening of Spruce Farm & Fish. Shawn Murrell, who worked as the executive chef for Q’s, will be given the opportunity to create the menu for Spruce Farm & Fish as its head chef. Davis also expressed excitement at this.

“It’s going to be an opportunity for Sean to put his mark on the menu,” said Davis, according to the source.