March 8, 2016

If you’ve never had fresh pasta, it’s really almost a religious experience. Opposed to American-style Italian food, in Italy the pasta is the star of the dish—not the sauce. If your noodles are lacking, the entire dish is lacking. The great thing about making fresh pasta is it can keep in the refrigerator for a week and in the freezer for months—meaning you don’t have to go through the process every week. And it is quite a process. You can put in the time and effort, make a bunch of noodles and reap the benefits for months to come. Like most things in the culinary world, putting in the extra effort always pays off. There’s no comparison for homemade noodles!

Learn how to make fresh pasta dough with our Boulder culinary school chef in this tutorial video. And be sure to look out for the other video that shows you how to make homemade egg yolk ravioli using the pasta.


Fresh Pasta Dough Recipe


2 1/2 cups AP Flour

2 ea Whole Eggs

2 ea Egg Yolks

As needed Water

1 tsp  Sea Salt

IMG_8567 (3)


1. Mix together flour and salt; form into large mound

2. Make a well in top of mound and add eggs

mound (2)

3. Incorporate eggs and flour, until a large mass is formed

4. Scrape bench and discard any small pieces of dry dough

Fresh Pasta.00_12_54_11.Still004

5. Knead dough for 12-14 minutes on floured surface, using water to hydrate if necessary

Fresh Pasta.00_13_01_10.Still005

6. Dough should be firm and sticky; let dough rest for 1 hour before rolling

Fresh Pasta.00_13_07_13.Still001

7. Don’t finish here! Check out more of our recipe demos!