chef instructor

Uncover personal insights from seasoned Escoffier Chef Instructors who teach the art of cooking, while nurturing the intrinsic talents of future chefs.

Culinary Arts 8 min read

How to Author a Cookbook

Explore the steps that go into writing a cookbook, from concept to publishing to printing. Make something that lasts after the meal is over!

June 25, 2021
Culinary & Pastry Careers 8 min read

What Escoffier Chef Instructors Love Most About Their Jobs

Escoffier Chef Instructors share what lights them up in their culinary school jobs, from sharing their passion to providing mentorship and more.

May 14, 2021
Recipes & Techniques 5 min read

Mother’s Day Recipes Hand Crafted by Escoffier Chef Instructors

Whether your Mom is a brunch buff or dessert diva, this Mother’s Day Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has...

May 7, 2021
Recipes & Techniques 4 min read

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with S’more Dessert Tacos

Often thought of as Mexican Independence Day, today’s Cinco de Mayo commemoration is actually a celebration of the unlikely victory...

May 5, 2021
World of Food & Drink 10 min read

Earth Day at Escoffier: How Culinarians Can Be a Force for Global Good

Chefs and culinarians have the potential to be voices for sustainability and the local food movement. Make small changes to be part of a greener future.

April 22, 2021
Culinary Arts 9 min read

Pet Peeves About Professional Kitchens: Escoffier Chef Instructors “Get Real” About Kitchen Life

Learn about kitchen pet peeves from Escoffier’s Chef Instructors. Avoid these missteps so you can excel in the professional kitchen!

April 16, 2021
Culinary Arts 17 min read

Women’s History Month: Professional Reflections of Women In Culinary

The first publicly held celebration specifically honoring women was in 1978. An observance that honored the often overlooked contributions of...

March 31, 2021
Culinary Arts 8 min read

Which Famous Female Chefs Do Escoffier Chef Instructors Admire?

As part of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts’ features throughout Women’s History Month we asked our female faculty members...

March 26, 2021
Baking & Pastry Arts 10 min read

Master Baker Colette Christian on Perseverance and Never Giving Up

Not long ago, the commercial kitchen was a man’s world. But pioneers like Master Baker Colette Christian made a space for themselves, and the female chefs that followed.

March 19, 2021
Culinary & Pastry Careers 7 min read

How to Find a Mentor to Help You in Your Culinary Career

You know you want to find a culinary mentor. But where should you look? Here are some resources where you find guidance throughout your culinary career.

March 15, 2021
Culinary Arts 20 min read

Black History Month – The Escoffier Perspective

This month we’ve experienced a world-wide focus on Black history. Throughout February we featured Escoffier faculty and alumni, including online...

February 25, 2021

Why Culinary School is So Important For Networking and Career Building as a Chef

Networking for chefs is a career-long endeavor. But Escoffier students get a head start during culinary school. Here’s why that matters.

February 8, 2021
Press Releases 2 min read

Escoffier Appoints Certified Master Pastry Chef® Frank Vollkommer As Director Of Culinary Industry Development

One of Only 11 Certified Master Pastry Chefs in the Country, Vollkommer Joins Escoffier to Develop Industry Relationships and Non-Degree...

January 11, 2021
Recipes & Techniques 1 min read

Classic Winter Salad

Chef Jesper Jonsson, Chef Instructor at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Boulder shares his spin on a classic winter...

January 5, 2021

From Education to Entrepreneur: Benefits of One-on-One Chef Mentoring

Don’t leave your dream of owning a restaurant to fate. Get a chef mentor to help you set a goal and hold you accountable.

January 4, 2021
Recipes & Techniques 2 min read

Plant-Based Chocolate Mousse

Escoffier Pastry Chef Anne Lanute has the perfect recipe for you. Her home-made chocolate mousse is rich, smooth and completely dairy free!

December 22, 2020
Recipes & Techniques 3 min read

A New Twist on an Old Classic–Holiday Bruschetta

What comes to mind when you think of bruschetta? Typically it’s chunky tomatoes, aromatic garlic and freshly grated parmesan cheese...

December 15, 2020
Recipes & Techniques 3 min read

Learn How To Make a Classic Bûche De Noël

Bûche De Noël–nothing is a more quintessential Christmas dessert. This French standard, also known as a Yule Log cake, emerged...

December 10, 2020
Recipes & Techniques 3 min read

Ring in the Holidays with these Escoffier Chef Inspired Recipes

As the holidays approach this year families may be celebrating a bit differently than in years past. Smaller, more intimate...

November 9, 2020
Baking & Pastry Arts 2 min read

Today is Escoffier Day!

October 28th, is not only Auguste Escoffier’s 174th birthday, but is also the official Escoffier Day as proclaimed by the...

October 28, 2020

What’s a Culinary School Success Coach and Why Do You Need One?

If you run into challenges during culinary school, who can you ask for help? How about a dedicated Success Coach whose focus is supporting you through school?

September 30, 2020
Boulder Student Life 4 min read

Why You Should Attend a Culinary School Open House

Students looking to attend culinary school should treat it like they would if they were going on to a state...

January 29, 2020
Austin Student Life 1 min read

Culinary Educator Workshop For Teachers: July 20, 2019

July 20, 2019 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Hone your cooking skills and take continued education classes at our Austin...

May 28, 2019

2017 High School Educator Farm-To-Table Workshop

On August 2, 2017, high school educators from Colorado and beyond gathered on a small organic farm to learn about...

August 7, 2017
Boulder Student Life 8 min read

Chef Instructor Spotlight: Marcus Lepke

By: Benjamin Faurer Chef Marcus Lepke has worked in the culinary arts for over 20 years. His journey began in his...

September 29, 2016

Chef Instructor Spotlight: Luke Shaffer

When it comes to our chef instructors, an all-encompassing love of food is a resume must. No one exhibits that...

May 2, 2016

Chef Instructor Spotlight: Chanel Martinez

One of the more recent additions to our chef instructor roster, Chef Chanel Martinez was a welcome addition to our online...

April 25, 2016

Chef Instructor Spotlight: Janet Rörschåch

When we look to add new chefs to our roster, we always look for the absolute best in the industry....

March 8, 2016

Meet Your Chef Instructor: Chef Michael Reyes

When it comes to our students, our ultimate goal is to give them the absolute best for their education. Which...

September 24, 2015

Meet Your Chef Instructor: Graham Mitchell

As a chef who has worked all over the United States, Chef Graham Mitchell is just as seasoned as the...

July 6, 2015
Austin Student Life 7 min read

Auguste Escoffier Instructor Profile: Getting to know Chef Will Packwood

By: Alex Charpentier, Culinary Arts Student Before I sat down for a chat with Chef Will Packwood, instructor in the...

June 22, 2015
Boulder Student Life 5 min read

Faculty Spotlight: Chef Jean-Claude Cavalera

By: Ryan Hodros, Culinary Arts Student Each member of the staff at Auguste Escoffier has a resume worth envying, but none...

October 3, 2014
Boulder Student Life 3 min read

Chef Instructor Spotlight: Chef Kyle Marston

By: Ryan Hodros, Culinary Arts Student We recently finished the Regional cuisines block of the culinary arts program with Chef Kyle Marston.  As...

August 26, 2014
Boulder Student Life 5 min read

Faculty Spotlight: Chef Kelly Newlon

By: Ryan Hodros, Culinary Arts Student Our class recently finished the Culinary Arts block of the Culinary Arts program at Auguste Escoffier, which...

June 27, 2014
Austin Student Life 2 min read

Chef Pablo Geurrero’s Journey to Peru

In an exciting opportunity for our Austin Culinary School, Chef Pablo Guerrero was invited by the Gourmonde organization of AREGALA to...

June 24, 2014
Boulder Student Life 3 min read

Chef Instructor Spotlight – Ashlea Tobeck

We spoke to Chef Ashlea Tobeck two weeks before her first full-time Pastry Arts cohort was set to start. No...

June 11, 2014
Austin Student Life 2 min read

A Lesson from Gandhi

Chef Natalie and her Culinary Arts Class Yesterday, as I was walking through the kitchens toward the end of the...

June 4, 2014
Austin Student Life 5 min read

5 Steps to a Smooth Transition

By: Ryan Hodros, Pastry and Culinary Arts Student I was going to write this piece about the transition from Chef Robert to our...

May 22, 2014
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