August 26, 2019


Great chefs have finely honed technical skills, a reservoir of creativity and a refined palate, all of which help them excel in a variety of culinary roles. However, even the most adept chef may have trouble finding a rewarding, engaging role if they don’t have the connections that help them discover new opportunities and provide references during the hiring process.

Because the hiring process of the culinary world frequently relies on word of mouth and experience working with others in the kitchen, building a network can be especially valuable for career development. Let’s look at how earning a culinary arts certificate online can enhance networking opportunities and help candidates for culinary roles stand out among the many applicants eager to get each position.

A group of chefs cooking together on the line.Culinary school helps students build valuable networks with fellow professionals.

Why is networking important?

A network helps you stay connected to happenings within the culinary world, whether it’s food and trends, openings and closings in the area where you work, potential job opportunities and, yes, even some gossip and rumors. Staying informed helps you make good decisions about how to advance your career and develop your skills as a professional. Unless you’re one of the best chefs to ever work through a dinner rush right out of culinary school, you’ll need to work with other professionals – both sharing and asking for information, as appropriate – to have a better chance of building your resume as a chef.

How can culinary school help me network?

On the most basic level, culinary school provides something very important for everyone who successfully earns a certificate and completes the program: proof of their skills and competency in this highly specialized and demanding field. In an industry where certificates and formalized education often isn’t a requirement, especially across entry-level positions but also into more senior roles, a proven and relevant educational accomplishment can help candidates stand out.

The benefits of completing Escoffier’s culinary program goes beyond a confirmation of skills and knowledge, however. As a graduate of a program recognized across the country and the world – in divisions of the culinary industry from foodservice to fine dining – you enjoy a bond with fellow professionals who have the same educational background. Those in a position to hire or recommend you for a job will have an understanding of your competencies, even if they’ve never met you before. In a world where most chefs can only offer a meaningful recommendation if they’ve worked directly with a job candidate before, this kind of benefit is incredibly valuable.

Even in situations where a fellow Escoffier student isn’t involved in the hiring process, a diploma from a recognized leader in the world of culinary education can still help you get your foot in the door. While the circumstances of each individual hiring process can’t be predicted in advance, a culinary certificate from an established educator can only be a benefit when it comes time for an executive chef or other decision-maker to choose the next addition to the kitchen.

With industry externship serving as a key part of the culinary certificate online program, you have the opportunity to see how the power of the Escoffier name can benefit you and start building your own network before even finishing the curriculum. With this foundation, you’ll have your own group of contacts that you can nurture and grow throughout your career. To learn more about how you can develop your skills and your network in an online culinary program, get in touch with us today!