A Hands-On, Online Culinary Arts Program.
Yes, It’s Possible.

Earn your diploma in Culinary Arts and Operations and still benefit from a quality culinary education – all in your own kitchen! This 15-month online culinary arts diploma program is an excellent fit for working professionals wanting to advance their career or aspiring culinarians who need training to take their skills to the next level.

Through our diploma program in Culinary Arts and Operations, you’ll study interactive courses delivered by our professional chef instructors, engage in live classroom discussions, learn the business side of the industry and fine-tune your techniques.

How It Works

Students learn through our effective and easy-to-follow Learning Model for each assignment in their culinary arts programs. Starting with topic research and ending with personalized chef feedback, students move through each step of the process to maximize their success in our online culinary program and retain as much knowledge as possible.


Step 1

Read assigned texts, watch technique videos, do additional research and complete knowledge checks.


Step 2

Participate in discussion boards with your classmates and instructors about topics related to your coursework, the industry and more. Join live lessons held virtually each week for a real classroom experience.


Step 3

It’s cooking time! Execute your practical assignments, documenting the process along the way through a production sheet and taking photos when instructed to.

How Grading Works


Industry Externship


Who Our Students Are


Why Choose Online


How does an instructor grade a dish if he/she can’t taste it? Executive chef, Graham Mitchell, answers this question and more as he walks through the grading process for the program.

Apply and build on the skills and techniques you’ve learned in the program in a real-world environment just like Michelle did on her Disney externship!

From seasoned professionals to aspiring culinarians, our program has helped people from all experience backgrounds worldwide.

We get it. Life is busy. Whether it’s cost, time or location that’s stopped you from pursuing a formal culinary education, learn why our graduates chose online and how it’s helped their careers.


Program Highlights

Virtual Classroom

  • 24/7 Access
  • 100s of Technique Videos
  • Interactive Learning Tools
  • Individual Chef Feedback


  • Balanced, Business-Focused Curriculum
  • Personal Support
  • Heritage of a World-Renowned Name
  • Professional Education
  • Farm to Table®
  • Lifetime Career Assistance


  • 6-Week Industry Externship
  • Gain Professional Experience
  • Make Industry Connections
  • Externship Search Assistance

In-Person Learning and Networking

  • Annual Graduation
  • Farm to Table® Workshops
  • Annual Southern France Trip
  • Employer Recruiting Opportunities