11 ways to use avocados

Here are 11 creative ways to put those avocados to good use in the kitchen.

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November 16, 2017 4 min read

Enough with guac and avocado toast already – been there, done that!

Avocados are more than just the sum of their pasty, green interior; they’re packed with the highest protein AND fiber content of any fruit and can even be used in moisturizers, shampoos and wrinkle creams.

Botanically considered a berry with a single seed, avocados are the very definition of multipurpose. Culinary students unfamiliar with the wide range of their potential are in for a real treat.

Here are 11 creative ways to put those avocados to good use in the kitchen:

1. Avocado fries

If you’re tiring of the same old fries, ditch the potatoes and use sliced avocados instead.

All you have to do is cut up avocados into wedges, dip them into egg batter, covering with breadcrumbs and baking in the oven at 400 degrees. No grease, no fryer.

2. Avocado truffles

For more of a dessert, mash a ripe avocado and stir into a bowl of melted chocolate, vanilla extract and cinnamon.

Form a dozen or so balls and dip them into cocoa powder. Place them in the fridge until they harden up and serve cool.

3. Chocolate mousse

Keeping with the dessert theme, chocolate mousse is a favorite at parties and family events. Replace eggs with pureed, extra-ripe avocados and you’re in business.

Toss melted chocolate, honey and a little bit of salt into a blender (along with the avocados), and process until you get that smooth, mousse look. Serve in a small glass, bowl or as a topping on cakes or other treats.

4. Avocado daiquiri

Sit back and enjoy a nice little mixed drink. Combine gold rum, one-fourth of an avocado, lime juice, half-and-half, simple syrup and ice cubes and blend.

It’s sweet, it’s savory and it’s avocado at it’s best.

5. Cucumber and avocado soup

Go fully green with this avocado and cucumber concoction. Mix with lemon juice, mint, vinegar, cayenne, yogurt, onion and vegetable broth. Chill for four hours and serve as an appetizer or complement to the main course.

6. Buddha bowls

There’s no way to mess up Buddha bowls, so use as much avocado as your heart desires.

Replace (or combine) hummus and other healthy fats with avocado to form a flavorful paste that brings together the grains and veggies.

7. Brown rice rolls

If you love sushi rolls, take them to the next level with a slice of avocado.

All your familiar ingredients (rice, wasabi, soy sauce, sushi) are still there, but you also get a more defined flavor and greater variety with a bit of avocado added in.

8. Avocado grilled cheese

For the dairy-free folks out there, giving up grilled cheese is a big blow. But using hummus, avocado and nutritional yeast is a nice substitute. It also closely mimics the melted, gooeyness that makes grilled cheese a perennial favorite. Throw it on a kids’ menu and see what happens!

9. Avocado lime ice cream

This one’s for the true avocado aficionados. Combining two ripe avocados, coconut milk, one-fourth cup of honey and lime juice makes for a sweet taste and creamy consistency.

Freeze for a few hours and you’re all done.

10. Avocado yogurt and veggie fritters

Fritters are easy to make and easy to eat. Broccoli, zucchini and carrots mashed together and mixed with Parmesan, eggs, onions and wheat flour create a firm, bakeable patty. Once those are cooked, top off with avocado yogurt and serve hot.

11. Avocado wontons

Wontons are great for appetizers and catering, but most stick to the standard meat and cheese combo. Adding avocado brings a different dimension to wontons and pairs well with melted cheese.

Never give up on your avocado dreams!

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