June 22, 2021

There are as many different types of hospitality careers as there are different types of people. While some dream of inventing recipes and spending their days in the kitchen, others envision a different future in the industry.

They may hope to open their own restaurants and provide award-winning service. Or maybe they dream of running a wedding venue where they can help happy couples celebrate the most important day of their lives. Their goal may be to start their own retail food business, or to manage a resort on the beaches of Hawaii.

But how do you get from where you are now to where you hope to be?

An education in hospitality management may be the first step. And with an online Associate of Occupational Studies degree in Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, getting that education is within easier reach than ever before.

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The Benefits of an Online Hospitality Degree

Do you need a degree to be successful in hospitality? After all, some people choose to work their way up instead of starting out with a degree or credentials.

While a degree is not a requirement for a position in a restaurant, hotel, or food business, it can help accelerate your growth throughout your career. And the online platform has its own special benefits, too!

A Degree Helps You Prepare for a Wide Variety of Possible Careers

A degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Operations Management can open the door to a wide world of possible career paths, like restaurant, hotel, or resort management, catering, tourism, event venue management, retail food operations, or any other business where food and service intersect.

It creates a business-focused foundation to help you become a strong asset to a future hospitality team. With this education, you may be better positioned to cut costs and improve profitability, which are highly desirable skills!

Chef Maria Davenport“A strong educational background can help someone with limited experience become a valued contributor to their employer. They can utilize the skills taught at Escoffier to work their way into a management position.”
Maria Davenport, Escoffier Chef Instructor, Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management

With an education at Escoffier, most graduates are qualified for an entry-level management position. They study not just the operations side, but the human side of the hospitality business. This may help them to advance more quickly through their careers than someone without an education.

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Get Unparalleled Flexibility in an Online Program

If you plan to get a degree, why should you study online instead of on-campus?

Unparalleled Flexibility

As an online student, you will be able to complete your program in your own time, as long as you meet program deadlines. That means you can balance your education with other obligations like a part-time or full-time job, or taking care of your family.

Get Your Education From Anywhere

When you study online, you don’t have to uproot and relocate your life to be near a school. Nor do you have to commute a long distance. You can study from your own home, as long as you have a reliable computer and internet connection.

The only component of your program that requires you to be onsite is your industry externship. And you can secure this work experience anywhere in the world.


Associate degree programs at Escoffier are thorough but streamlined. We know that you’re eager to get your career started. So you can earn your degree in just 15 months!

Chef Maria Davenport“A major benefit of studying at Escoffier is the program flexibility. Working students find time to complete their coursework around their schedule. Escoffier has invested in technology to keep students in contact with their Instructors–help is just a text message or phone call away.”
Maria Davenport, Escoffier Chef Instructor, Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management

What About the Cost?

Naturally, prospective students will have questions about the cost of an online hospitality degree. While degrees at four-year on-campus colleges can reach six-figures, an online associate degree in Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management from Escoffier costs $28,375 starting July 3, 2021.

Plus, most Escoffier students are eligible for some financial aid in the form of loans, scholarships, and/or grants. These options can make hospitality management education more accessible to students from all walks of life.

Chef Maria Davenport“I’ve worked in Culinary Education for over ten years, and I can honestly say that Escoffier treats every student as if they were the only student. The Faculty and Staff are all committed to helping our students achieve their academic goals.”
Maria Davenport, Escoffier Chef Instructor, Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management

How Does the Online Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management Program Work?

The online Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management program isn’t much different from an on-campus program! Students will begin each week with reading and video assignments to introduce them to new concepts and terminology.

They will then attend live lectures with their instructors, recreating the classroom setting in their own homes. If you can’t attend a live session due to work or another commitment, you can watch a replay later.

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Then, students will receive homework assignments that will help them to further explore a topic and demonstrate their understanding. Their instructor will assess their work and provide personalized feedback. Students can also communicate with each other in their class message boards to ask questions or share thoughts and ideas. Escoffier works to build community in the online platform, even though students aren’t meeting in person!

Chef Maria Davenport“Students are prepared for entry level management positions in a variety of hospitality establishments. Some choose to focus on providing excellent hospitality in Front of the House management, while others may go into Financial management utilizing the skills taught in courses like Cost Control and Purchasing.”
Maria Davenport, Escoffier Chef Instructor, Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management

What if you’re having trouble with the online format? Or what if something comes up in your personal life that creates a new roadblock? At Escoffier, each student is assigned a Success Coach to help them navigate these challenges and come up with a plan to keep you on track. It’s our goal to help everyone who enrolls to earn their degree!

What Will You Study in an Online Program?

Escoffier’s online Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management program includes extensive coursework in business, guest experience, communication and leadership, and more.

General Education Courses That Focus on Hospitality

There are certain “general education” requirements that all students must complete in order to earn an associate degree. But since Escoffier is exclusively focused on food and hospitality, those courses have been designed with the student’s future in mind.

In Foodservice Math & Accounting, for example, students complete their math requirement by studying concepts around expenses, food and beverage costs, labor costs, and profit analysis. In World History & Culture From the Culinary Perspective, students take a foodie’s approach to subjects like religion, economics, and politics throughout history. And in The Science of Nutrition, students will explore different food sources and their impact on personal and global health.

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Specialty Hospitality and Restaurant Operations Management

A specialty course of study like Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management gives students the chance to dig deeper into topics specific to the hospitality industry.

They will study Menu Design & Management, as well as Catering & Event Operations. On the finance side, courses around cost control and purchasing will help them to focus on profitability, while Foundations in Human Resources and Leadership & Development will help students to be professional and effective managers.

Chef Maria Davenport“Escoffier FBO graduates can choose from a variety of hospitality establishments. They can work for restaurants, bars, hotels, catering companies, etc. There are a wide range of options for our students.”
Maria Davenport, Escoffier Chef Instructor, Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management

For the entrepreneurial-minded student, the Building Your Own Business block includes coursework in business planning and ethics. With more and more people dreaming of owning their own company, this course can be a valuable introduction to the day-to-day tasks of the entrepreneur.

Wrap Up Your Education With an Externship

The final component in the hospitality management program is an industry externship. This will be your chance to put what you’ve learned into practice, and see how all of the pieces work together in a real work setting.

Start building industry relationships and get some experience to put on your resume!

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Stand Out From the Competition

An online hospitality degree like Escoffier’s Hospitality & Restaurant Operations Management program lets you take the next steps toward your career goals without a major move or lifestyle change. By committing to this education, you can show future employers that you’re serious about your career, and help yourself stand out from the crowd and the competition.

Let’s make a plan for your future in hospitality!

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