Value of Culinary Education

Delve into the world of culinary and pastry arts careers! Discover articles that encapsulate the artistry and joy of these professions.

9 min read

The Pros and Cons of Vocational School: Is It Right For You?

Considering a vocational school? Here’s what you need to know and what to ask yourself as you make this important decision about your future.

October 20, 2021
8 min read

Are Online Degrees Cheaper Than Traditional Degrees?

How do the costs of online programs compare to those of on-campus counterparts? Learn about the state of online education and if it can help you save money.

October 13, 2021
7 min read

How Do You Learn Hospitality Management Online?

Interested in pursuing an online hospitality management degree? Here’s why you should consider this exciting path.

August 6, 2021
7 min read

Job or School: Why Not Both?

Culinarians debating between getting a culinary job or a professional chef’s education shouldn’t choose one—they should choose both. Here’s why, and how it can be done.

July 1, 2021
6 min read

Education: The Most Important Chef’s Tool

Setting yourself up for culinary success means taking advantage of every tool at your disposal. At top of the list is a high-quality culinary education!

May 12, 2021
6 min read

Why a Diploma Program or Associate Degree Makes Sense for Many High School Seniors on National College Decision Day 2021

Making plans for the fall? Here’s why high school seniors should consider a diploma and associate degree programs this National College Decision Day!

May 1, 2021
6 min read

Why Culinary School is So Important For Networking and Career Building as a Chef

Networking for chefs is a career-long endeavor. But Escoffier students get a head start during culinary school. Here’s why that matters.

February 8, 2021
6 min read

From Education to Entrepreneur: Benefits of One-on-One Chef Mentoring

Don’t leave your dream of owning a restaurant to fate. Get a chef mentor to help you set a goal and hold you accountable.

January 4, 2021
7 min read

4 Reasons Why Employers Pay More For Culinary School Graduates

Employers expect certain things out of culinary school graduates — and they may be willing to pay more to get them. So what makes a degree or diploma so valuable?

October 7, 2020
5 min read

Escoffier Boulder Named 2020-2021 Military Friendly® Culinary School

Escoffier Boulder is proud to be a 2020-2021 Military Friendly® School. Learn what this designation means and how we support our military and veteran students.

July 6, 2020
6 min read

Community College Culinary School Versus Dedicated Culinary Schools: The Case for Specialization

Community college culinary school or dedicated culinary school...which is the right choice for you? Explore the benefits of each before you decide.

June 10, 2020
5 min read

3 Ways Culinary School Can Boost Your Career

If you’re seeking opportunities for career advancement, a culinary diploma could be a great way to stand out versus other job applicants.

April 13, 2020
4 min read

Understanding the educational processes driving online culinary schools

Online culinary school offers an effective, engaging alternative to on-campus programs, helping students across the country learn about the culinary arts.

July 12, 2019
1 min read

A look at the Disney Culinary program from Culinary Director, Michael Pythoud

For most people around the world, the Disney name is synonymous with excellence. From the theme parks and resorts to...

February 28, 2018
3 min read

2017 High School Educator Farm-To-Table Workshop

On August 2, 2017, high school educators from Colorado and beyond gathered on a small organic farm to learn about...

August 7, 2017
1 min read

Interview With Disney At Our Boulder Campus: October 6th

Chef Pauli Milotte, Walt Disney World’s chef recruiter, will be leading a Walt Disney World information presentation and conducting interviews...

October 4, 2016
1 min read

Chef’s Roll Teams Up With Escoffier Schools

Good news, students and grads! Escoffier Schools recently partnered with Chef’s Roll, the industry’s leading professional chef network. Think the...

May 25, 2016
5 min read

Chef Instructor Spotlight: Luke Shaffer

When it comes to our chef instructors, an all-encompassing love of food is a resume must. No one exhibits that...

May 2, 2016
5 min read

Chef Instructor Spotlight: Chanel Martinez

One of the more recent additions to our chef instructor roster, Chef Chanel Martinez was a welcome addition to our online...

April 25, 2016
3 min read

Chef Instructor Spotlight: Janet Rörschåch

When we look to add new chefs to our roster, we always look for the absolute best in the industry....

March 8, 2016
4 min read

Meet Your Chef Instructor: Chef Michael Reyes

When it comes to our students, our ultimate goal is to give them the absolute best for their education. Which...

September 24, 2015
5 min read

Meet Your Chef Instructor: Graham Mitchell

As a chef who has worked all over the United States, Chef Graham Mitchell is just as seasoned as the...

July 6, 2015
5 min read

Up Close and Personal With The Farm-To-Table Experience

By: Alex Charpentier, Culinary Arts Student One of the main reasons that I selected Austin, Texas as the city to...

May 19, 2015
1 min read

Cutthroat Kitchen Winner Enrolls at Escoffier

Leah Eveleigh, the winner of the Food Network show Cutthroat Kitchen, decided to expand her culinary knowledge and enrolled at...

June 18, 2014
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