December 27, 2021

When it comes to educational tools, books are crucial and TV shows can be valuable. But for the culinarian who’s always on the go, podcasts can offer a wealth of knowledge in an easily digestible format.

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has its very own podcast, The Ultimate Dish, hosted by our Boulder campus president, Chef Kirk T. Bachmann. We feature a diverse range of guests from all corners of the industry, diving deep into their stories and insights.

Here are our top five podcasts from 2021, based on number of listens.

1. From Engineer to a Plant-Based Private Chef with Shane Witters Hicks

Shane Witters Hicks and Kirk Bachmann, the ultimate dish
With the rising popularity of plant-based diets and degree programs focused exclusively on the plant-based culinary arts, it’s helpful to hear a professional chef’s take on the movement. Shane Witters Hicks, an Escoffier graduate and plant-based private chef, shares about his experience as an entrepreneur, and how plant-based cooking is shaping the culinary industry.

Listen to or watch the full episode here.

2. ‘Burning is Learning’ – Gene Fritz Pushes Culinary Students to Make Mistakes and Grow

Gene Fritz and Kirk Bachmann
Gene Fritz is a culinary educator, curriculum design consultant, and executive chef with vast expertise in the industry. In this podcast, Gene relays stories from teaching high school students, working in fine-dining restaurants, cooking in the U.S. Army, and winning and judging numerous culinary competitions.

Listen to or watch the full episode here.

3. Michelin Star Chef Curtis Duffy On His Journey to the Top of the Culinary World

Curtis Duffy & Kirk Bachmmann

The ever-coveted Michelin star rating is widely known in the culinary industry, but few Chefs actually run restaurants that have earned a Michelin Star. Curtis Duffy has, however — with not one, not two, but three Michelin star restaurants. Listen in on how he made it happen and explore his current award-winning Chicago-based restaurant in this podcast.

Listen to or watch the full episode here.

4. European Food Culture with Escoffier Chef Instructor Jesper Jonsson

Kirk Bachmann & Jesper Jonsson split screen

Jesper Jonsson, Escoffier Chef Instructor and 37-year industry veteran, has a rich history as a private chef. He’s worked all over the world, including France, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, and the United States – and even served as chef of the Danish ambassador in Rome. In this podcast, he shares stories about European food culture, being a private chef, and whether a culinary education is necessary.

Listen to or watch the full episode here.

5. Elite Personal Chef CEO On What Makes Chefs ‘Elite’

Austin Yancey Kirk Bachmann on The Ultimate Dish

Being a personal chef is no small feat — just ask Chef Austin Yancey, who has not only served as one but created a company specifically tailored to the niche. In this episode, Chef Yancey passes on knowledge from his experience in the field and discusses opportunities that currently exist for culinarians in the private chef world.

Listen to or watch the full episode here.

Want to Hear More From Professional Chefs?

Podcasts, books, and TV shows are a great place for any budding culinarian to start. But if you’re ready to take your pursuits to the next level, consider exploring the degree and diploma options from Escoffier. Many of these can be completed online in a part-time capacity, so you can get your culinary credentials while working or taking care of a family.

Courses are taught by Chef Instructors with decades of industry experience and tons of knowledge to impart. If you’ve dreamed of having a professional chef as a mentor, culinary school is a great place to start.

Here are some more helpful resources for the inspired culinarian: