July 31, 2018
Posted in: Baking & Pastry

Becoming a successful baker requires the right knowledge, practice and skills. Online pastry students will learn the skills necessary to make tasty treats. Here are a few important ones every baker should have:


When baking, all ingredients must be combined in the right way, at the right time. If you have to pause to chop your chocolate or wait for your butter to come to room temperature, not only is your recipe put on hold but it may not come together perfectly.

A baker holds a stack of five loaves of bread.Bakers need to be organized and detail-oriented.

A baker’s kitchen must be an organized one, The Balance Careers explained. Every ingredient and utensil should have a place so it’s easy to find when needed. Additionally, bakers need to prepare all ingredients before beginning a recipe so there are no roadblocks that slow down the process.

Some forethought is also needed for good organization. Know which steps you’ll need to take at all points throughout a recipe so you can be prepared. Also, recognize when you have a few slow moments so you can tidy up or prepare the next step while you’re waiting for dough to rise or cookies to bake.


Bakers work in fast-paced environments with several other professionals working next to them. They must be able to communicate what they need from one another, whether it be another cup of flour or some space to roll out their dough.

Attention to detail

Baking is a science that relies on precise measurements and conditions. Ingredients need to be weighed and measured properly. If you’re off by a few grams or your oven is 25 degrees too hot, your results could be underwhelming at best. Bakers need to have a keen eye for detail to ensure all creations come out consistently every time.

Composure under pressure

Because of that fast-paced environment, things can heat up quickly in the kitchen, and not just because the oven is turned up to 500 degrees. Bakers need to stay calm and collected under pressure, not letting the stress of a busy day distract them from making proper measurements or planning ahead for the next task.

Curiosity and creativity

A good baker can consistently create highly adored creations, but a fantastic baker can create surprising new crowd-pleasers. You probably won’t invent the next big thing on a whim, though. It’ll take some trial and error to find a combination of flavors and textures that wows your crowd. Bakers who are curious about interesting combinations and creative enough to try something new may be rewarded by coming up with a winning treat they (and their customers) love.

Patience and dedication

Some of the most important steps in a recipe are also some of the most time-consuming, Hummingbird Bakery noted. A sourdough might take half a day to rise properly, but cutting it short will result in a dense, unimpressive loaf. A beautiful meringue atop a cake or cookie adds a creative and airy touch, but whisking those egg whites will take patience and muscle (unless you’re using electric beaters).

Long-term patience and dedication are important. Not all days working in a bakery will be the best ones. Some days will be long and tiring, and baked goods won’t turn out as planned. Successful bakers need to overcome the challenges to experience a rewarding career overall. Additionally, some patience is needed as up-and-coming bakers improve their craft. No one is born a perfect baker. It takes practice, experience and a good education. Great bakers are made like great bread – with time.